Hi i am Diane Henry and Welcome to my home renovation blog.


In 2006 I decided to buy a new house in a nice area that was a little out of my price range, but looking for a property that was in a state of disrepair would mean I could do this.

Unfortunately this house would need gutting inside and out as it was really old fashioned and run down.

This became a labour of love for me over years, check out the pictures below, before and after.

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Oh no Asbestos!

I recently got around starting renovating the outside of the house. It had a rickety old corrugated out building at the bottom of the garden. I was telling my step dad that I planned to get the sledgehammer out would get it knocked down and transported to the tip over the weekend.


My step dad told me that there was a good possibility that it was an Asbestos building. This he told me meant that it would be dangerous to destroy because of the particles and that my local tip would not take it as it had to be disposed of at a specialist asbestos site.
I ended up having to get a professionals in, so after much deliberation I ended up using a local company D.F Asbestos Removal Services also from Leeds.
I have got to admit that David and his employee were very efficient. They came out on a Saturday and took a sample to check for asbestos and within a week they came back to me and told me it was in fact asbestos and would need professionally removing.
The next week they came and had the whole building down, wrapped up and put in their van in a few hours. Great job, thanks David.
This is their website http://dfars.co.uk/ if you need anything asbestos related removing.

Loads of room for my next project….. A huge summerhouse!

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Decking Nightmares

Well had to redo the Ikea decking this summer. What a nightmare.

ikea decking

It looked great for a year but by the second summer it had faded to this:




So I bought a Ronseal decking kit after reading the reviews online.

I was happy with the fact that it was meant to be easy to use, which it was.

It ended up looking like this, so I was very pleased:


However, less than a year later, this is the state of it:



It has all peeled off!

I would not mind but it was not even a bad winter.

I have emailed Ronseal to complain and will be interested to see their response. Never use this stuff!

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